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These are just a few of the sketches I have roughed up in my  sketchbook.  I have become quite fascinated with the idea of doing an illuminated manuscript.  I love how they complete the stories contained in the books.  I love how they tell the story when words fail.

My sketchbook has become my thinking spot.  I am quite literally thinking with a pencil.  Though I have published a handful of the most recognizable images here, there are several pages that simply have lines and ideas in a very  incomplete fashion that mean nothing to anyone that would gaze through it.

Even though I like the idea of organizing and maintaining a theme in a sketchbook, my favorite thing about this particular sketchbook is that I have no fear of grabbing it to jot down notes or make terrible sketches just to get what i am thinking on to the paper.  There are mutilated bodies and random things that look absolutely terrible, but the ideas are there.  I remember them.  I would like to get more colorful and use more media than a pencil in my book, but quite honestly, I think the simplicity of the pencil gives me the room to let the ideas be the focus and not the finished product.  I like that there are things I love to show and things I beg people to skip over if they are browsing my book.  It resembles my life.


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